Travels of the paintings – Times square, nyc

From the artist’s Studio in Kozla, Poland, straight to New York Manhattan , USA and the famous Times Square! “Interview” and “Wound” start this new Hoder Art Theme. Thanks to Angelika you can watch them in these unusual circumstances. Bogumil’s paintings feel perfect in such unusual places, exactly, as the author himself. It not always has to be silent studio or a gallery. Ones who know the artist know also, his studio isn’t that silent at all time. You can listen there in a briliant quality the great sets of film music, which is so important for Bogumil Hoder to create his paintings. “Interview” is a new painting done exactly for the first exhibition in New York. “Wound” has lived through many histories, from the First Award in Rome even to dishonorable vice of the city of Zielona Gora (the city hasn’t said official sorry till this time). Anyway New York City took the pictures warmly and opened new possibilities for Bogumil Hoder. But we will tell about it another time 🙂

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Art Expo new york 2019

No i wyjaśniło się, dokąd transportowalismy obrazy. Nowy Jork zachwyca! Ludzie są mili i pomocni. Doprawdy, to nie jest miasto z betonu – to miasto ludzi! A oto kilka kadrów z dzisiejszego dnia wystawy 🙂

Opublikowany przez Bogumił Hoder Art Czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2019

The Art Expo New York goes great! Many interesting artists talk to many interesting people on the venue. Great conversations and lots of smiled faces 🙂 Good to be here!

Opublikowany przez Bogumił Hoder Art Sobota, 6 kwietnia 2019

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