Conversation with Konrad Stanglewicz on the Radio Zachód

Zielona Góra, 16.10.2013, Radio Zachód 103 and 106 fm.

My special thanks I sent to the editor Konrad Stanglewicz.


Once again I was a guest of the Radio Zachód, and the second time the editor Konrad Stanglewicz honoured me with his invitation. We were together with Angelika in the studio, and talked much about my art and a big project of painting of the realistic vision of the “Last Supper” on order of Krzysztof Romankiewicz. Almost an hour-conversation was well planned and run by the editor, and in the background there was heard the beautiful music of Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerard from the Ridley Scott’s film “Gladiator”.

Bogumil Hoder, 2013




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