Painting in the library

Nowa Sól, 18.11.2011, City Public Library in Nowa Sól (MBPwNS).

The organizers: the director of the MBPwNS, The Terminus Theatre.

My special thanks I send to Cezary Molenda.


Some actor said, that “the theatre is the best of the arts”. It’s possible, that he had not too much time for thinking, how much he was wrong. One shouldn’t blame him, because every true artist is convinced about a great importance of self art. Yet, one has to be careful about the judges like this one.
Every kind of art is that best, off course if it is created with the highest devotion, artistry and sincerity. Different forms of art might to, and even should to complement – depending of the level of the pieces or works. A picture may be an illustration for a book, as well as a book could illustrate a picture. A film or a spectacle cannot be called “the highest piece” just because it combines picture, acting, music and lyrics. In the same way, the exhibition of my paintings in the library had a task to merge for some time with the books, and to affect on enrichment of the reception and imagination of the writers, as well as the guests of the gallery.

Bogumil Hoder, 2011










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