Art Expo new york 2019

Watch the photos from the Bogumil Hoder’s painting exhibition at the Art Expo new York 2019.

The art exhibition in New York – a dreamed and awaited event, has been completed! This unusual adventure gave a lot, but the most important is the superb feeling of making dream come truth, as well as opening to the world and lessons learned from the conversations with many interesting people from all over the world. For Bogumil Hoder, his closest family and a few friends, who are the only team of this venture, this was but the first experience on such a level. It was not just an exhibition, but really big, common and – though exhausting – very inspiring and developing adventure.

We made through a lot, there were moments of happiness and moments of hesitation as well. We had one sad time, so sudden and hurtful, that it could have crushed many – we lost one of the most important persons in our family.

Since the very first information about the possibility of organizing of the exhibition in New York’s Manhattan, through whole the ocean of formalities, hundreds of emails, then to final saying ‘goodbye New York’ (with the promise of the fast coming back), it passed over 7 months. Obtaining of the relevant USA visas was only but the beginning of the tangible elements of this adventure. Designing and ordering of the special and safe heavy chest for paintings, relevant to the transcontinental shipping and organizing of the international shipping through half of Europe and whole Atlantic Ocean in both directions was one of the hardest questions we had to deal with. There were many international conversations with the organizers from the Red Wood Media Group, as well as with the officials from the State of New York.

The exhibition was subject to a huge number of restrictive regulations and rules and our two-weeks stay in one of the most beautiful cities of the world had to be well prepared. The planes tickets, hotel and whole time of stay in New York were organized well by ourselves, thanks to what, despite many difficulties we encountered at the place, we could be easy about our stay and travels.

We are very happy, that we made this dream and venture come truth and now we can make new plans for the future. Who knows, what is it going to be this time… From this adventure we have taken many conclusions, ideas and inspirations. We invite you to follow the Bogumil Hoder Art Internet Gallery, as well as our photography site FOTO HoderArt, where you will find our photo-relations from this artistic travel to New York City.

Watch our photo galleries related to the New York Bogumil Hoder’s Exhibition, as well as the pictures from our travel to the Big Apple. Here are the links to these galleries:

First historic posts from the facebook.

Preparations to the trans-continental shipping of the Bogumil Hoder’s paintings.

Travels of the paintings.

Our growing galleries from the travel to New York City.


No i wyjaśniło się, dokąd transportowalismy obrazy. Nowy Jork zachwyca! Ludzie są mili i pomocni. Doprawdy, to nie jest miasto z betonu – to miasto ludzi! A oto kilka kadrów z dzisiejszego dnia wystawy 🙂

Opublikowany przez Bogumił Hoder Art Czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2019

The Art Expo New York goes great! Many interesting artists talk to many interesting people on the venue. Great conversations and lots of smiled faces 🙂 Good to be here!

Opublikowany przez Bogumił Hoder Art Sobota, 6 kwietnia 2019

Event data:


711 12th Ave
(55th Street & the West Side Highway)
New York, NY 10019-5399

4 – 7 April 2019

Organizer: Art Expo New York: Red Wood Media Group

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