Art in the church

Koźla-Zielona Góra, 10.09.2011, Church of Saint Hedwig’s the Silesian.

The organizers: The rector of the Roman Catholic parish of Saint Hedwig’s.

My special thanks I send to the priest Andrzej Palewski.






The sacred art has been associated with the Church from its beginnings. Often, till XVIII century, the hierarchs – the popes, the cardinals, or the bishops were the founders of the great masterpieces created for the glory of God. Thanks to them, the great artists could present their worth, and develop themselves. In addition the masters painting, like the sculpture or architecture, began accessible for the people too.
Those glory days already passed away. Nobody knows, if irrevocably. But when the Church opens for the new art, this shouldn’t make an astonishment. Although there have sometimes appeared the sacred pieces in my studio, the paintings I showed on the exhibition are the visions of more subtle character. I don’t just combine the sacrum and the profanum, but I create the story about human and his soul, in the impact with nowadays, as well as with the different dilemmas, which his eyes and mind encounter every day.
The faith is now a value much more complicated, and one has to reach it from the different ways. God exists more and more in the consciousness, not only as the Almighty forcing the timidity, but as the other person, needing the support or just a simple talk. And a church is a special place for art, especially art of under-consciousness and metaphysics.

Bogumil Hoder, 2011

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