Bogumil Hoder – the exhibition in France

Along with the organizers of the “ZIELONA GORA – Artistes de Pologne” we invite you to Saverne – Alsace, Lower-Rhine Department – to the North-West from Strasbourg. The inauguration of the exhibition took place on Sunday 21 of February 2016 at 2:30 p.m. in the Cloître des Récollets Showroom. The exhibition will last about a month.

You have the opportunity to watch and buy 5 of Bogumil Hoder’s oil paintings. Their tittles are:

Ⓒ Bogumił Hoder, 2014
Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder, 2014
Ⓒ Bogumił Hoder, 2013
Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder, 2013
Ⓒ Bogumił Hoder, 2012
Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder, 2012
Ⓒ Bogumił Hoder, 2010
Ⓒ Bogumil Hoder, 2010
© Bogumił Hoder, 2015
© Bogumil Hoder, 2015

“Time condensation”;

“Event horizon”;




For the record – the painting “Wound” is the winner of the International Competition “Natale di Roma 2011” in Rome!

The exhibition is implemented thanks to the cooperation between the Pro Arte Gallery of the ZPAP and the A’ Art Project – Association of the Artists of Alsace.






My special thanks for inviting me to take part in the exhibition I send to the Curator of the Pro Arte Gallery Dr. Iwona Peryt-Gierasimczuk.

Bogumil Hoder, February 2016 r.

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