– Rome Art Critic prof. Mario Nicosia

“The artworks beyond the scheme, which becomes an ideal picture-universe, consisting of very intense tints and a high artistic level. Mr Hoder, a real master of colour and brush, creates by surrealistic-figurative painting and plastic materials, human figures with the deep psychological impact”.

Rome, March 2010

– The Vice-chairman of the ZPAP Zielona Gora, artist Igor Myszkiewicz

“The perfect workshop canvases establish on one hand to the surrealism tradition, on the other hand they draw from the modern fantastic realism. The form is just the first thing, which takes our notice – nowadays young artists rarely have the courage to paint so, more often slipping away to trendy and safe stylistics of the another avangards… Bogumil Hoder doesn’t let to the tempt of the call of the mainstream, he takes the omitted from afar topics, like beauty, goodness, internal meta-spaces… His painting is just a record from the metaphysical and philosophical searching, a ship’s logbook from the fantastic cruise… In the Bogumil’s painting there still are seen refers to his masters – Zdzislaw Beksinski, Wojciech Siudmak; but this isn’t just a blind imitation, and with every other painting the artist consequently builds his own language, his own kaleidoscope”.

Zielona Gora, June 2010